What is Train 2.0+?

A player development system derived from education, video analysis and implementation of mechanics from the world's best.

At Train 2.0 we break down the details in the mechanics from the best players in the world, how they differ from what you are doing and why that is different to what is being taught in skill development today. We are helping close the gap in knowledge and providing players with a mechanical advantage through the membership. With Train 2.0 you have access to the building blocks with everything you need to become your best. Our playbook, proven successful from the worlds top players is the education mixed with repetition and awareness. With access you have everything you need learn, develop and fullfill your potential.
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Testimonials and Feedback

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Mark Rodgers


Honestly man, I've been running hockey schools for 15 years now in southern Ontario, and not many skill coaches are preaching these methods. You are breaking things down with effective video feedback so it makes sense and good on you for sharing these keys to the masses. Have conviction in the message you are spreading. I have taught, implemented and seen first hand these exact skills and the results that follow lead to NHL caliber talent.

No Plateaus

Matthew Martin - Train 2.0 Member

As a current member this is a skating movement systems, first principles approach that has exceeded all my expectations. Have yet to reach a single plateau - I just keep getting better and it feels so awesome.

Exploration of Movement

David Rolston - Co-Host of "The Youth Hockey Podcast"

I have spent most of my life obsessed with the sport of Ice Hockey, first as a player and fan, and eventually, as a coach and parent. Train 2.0 is an exploration of movement that advanced hockey players employ, and the application of that theory in a way that is approachable and specific for players and coaches. Train 2.0 has profoundly influenced the way I look at and talk about the sport of hockey, and the way my son trains and pursues skill development.

Julie Davila

Train 2.0 Member

Hi, I just want to express my gratitude for this group, especially the coaches. I've been a member for maybe 6 months or so, and I feel like I've improved quite a bit since I started. To provide a real example, I just played in USA Hockey's Women's Nationals in Tampa a couple of weekends ago, and while my team didn't end up doing so well, I still got at least one goal per game and even one hat trick and I absolutely credit that to everything I've learned from Jason's videos as well as from all of the gold that comes up in the group feed.

Eddie Watson

Train 2.0 Member

Jason man, you are a genius! Just recently got on board with Train 2.0. I had casually seen your videos on YouTube and had debated joining for a while, but after seeing your corkscrew breakdown on there I realized you had a unique approach that resonated with me. So I became a member and have been binging the content and really love your approach to all this. I realized I need to focus on the basic mechanics first and today was my first day putting your approach into practice. Background is I started playing hockey again back in May after 15 years. Even then I only placed ice for a year and 1/2 while I was in the Army and had casually played roller since I was a teen. I’ve been playing in a beginner league and have been taking lessons and definitely seeing improvement. But seeing your breakdown of NHLers and the mechanics they use, I realized I was missing a very key part of this learning process. Today I decided to focus on 3 mechanics and will build from there; the corkscrew, punch step, and 10&2. Up until today I was also in the camp where I believed I didn’t have the hip mobility for 10&2 nor the punch step, which I just couldn’t grasp no matter what I tried. Your explanations, especially for those 2 really set off a light in my head and I was able to “do” both. Granted very early progress but I’m thrilled to be at this starting point I couldn’t get to before. THANK YOU!

Downhill Skating System

Why Downhill Skating? The Mechanical Advantage.

Downhill skating helps players skate faster with less effort. It also gives players more movement options and possibilities with the puck. Inside The Downhill Skating System you will gain access to 50+ hours of video and 45+ mechanics to start training into your movements. The Downhill Skating System is accelerated learning showing you key differences of the NHL's best. With proven methods and development strategies we are giving players a true mechanical advantage.
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Leverage the power of community with our many Train 2.0 coaches and members.

Gain access to our powerful community where members are have the opportunity to post their clips for our coaches to take a look and provide feedback in real time. Not only is it an opportunity for yourself to learn from our coaches but also get to learn from the videos and coaching of others in our 250+ person community.
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Weekly Coaching Calls

Every week members have the option to sit down with Jason on zoom for our weekly coach call where Jason drops new lessons, breaks down video and answers any questions from members during the week. The calls are typically centered around player development, with strategies to improve, areas to focus on and ways to become better. Calls are uploaded the following day and posted inside the coaching call section of the membership.
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The Power Of Working With Train 2.0

"Once you see it, you cant unsee it. Once you feel it, you can't unfeel it." - Jason Yee

How To Get Started With Train 2.0

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