What is the Downhill Skating System?

We teach you how the best NHL players skate.

With over a decade of video analysis, we've reverse engineered the mechanics that make NHL skaters different. We've combined that with a background in kinesiology and biomechanics to add a common language to these movements. Using that language, we developed a system for you to match their skating success. Save yourself months of traditional skating and thousands of dollars and learn directly from the best.
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What's inside the Free Training?

Learn five core pillars of the Downhill Skating System and start skating effortlessly.

  • Free Training Video #1: Shin Angle - Unlock power without tension with this one counterintuitive cue

  • Free Training Video #2: Crosby Crevice - Stay balanced and controlled even in unbalanced situations with this uncommon way to fix your posture in game settings

  • Free Training Video #3: Cadence - How to get faster feet without training harder

  • Free Training Video #4: Rocker - How today's NHLers control the game with this new edge control concept

  • Free Training Video #5: Footwork - Learn the 9 fundamental (but untaught) footwork patterns used by today's NHLers


Train 2.0 is developing the next generation of elite skaters.

Next Level

Kevin McKinnon - Owner of Valley Apex Training Grounds

Train 2.0 and the Downhill Skating System has been the best investment I've ever made for my own skill development. These guys are NEXT LEVEL. I really believe Train 2.0 and the movement based science method will change the world of long term player development.

Better now than I was at 35

Charlie - Boston, MA

Train 2.0 has made a massive improvement in my game. I'm on the other side of 60, still playing in men's league open divisions, and I'm better now than I was at 35. I no longer have nagging groin injuries. I come off my shifts comfortably, without gasping for air. Most of all, my role on the team is changing. I'm scoring more points and becoming a contributor again instead of a liability.

Free Energy

Joe Colderone

I got sucked into playing rec league for the first time in 2 years tonight and post game one of my teammates says "I wish I had your energy". Little does he know that when you skate Downhill you get FREE ENERGY! Year 4 teaching and mastering the craft and still going strong. Thank you DSS!

Backed by Science

Skate in rhythm with your body.

Train 2.0 and the Downhill Skating System leverage biomechanics and the way the human body is designed to move. We make it easier for you to leverage the power of your body and gain a mechanical advantage over your competition.
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Accessible Anywhere

Don't let access to ice stop your development.

Our comprehensive training programs are 100% online, and can be accessed anywhere that you have an internet connection. Exercise your mind and learn how to translate success off the ice into real life game changing results on the ice. This is hockey training built for the 21st century.
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Downhill Skating System

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The Downhill Skating System has helped hundreds of players transform their game and start playing the best hockey of their lives. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

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