Why Learn to Train 2.0

While the technical detail makes Train 2.0 special, it also makes it less approachable.

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn the Magic Mechanics of the Train 2.0 Downhill Skating System in your own way...

In a way that is simple, measurable, and fast,

We created this course: “Learn to Train 2.0”

Learn to Train 2.0 is everything you love about Train 2.0, condensed into a visual, simple, measurable format. It’s designed for you to master the mechanics faster than before.

How Learn to Train 2.0 is Built

  • Downhill Skating Fundamentals

    The 9 fundamental Downhill Skating Mechanics...simplified for faster learning.

  • Mechanic Levels

    A 5 level system for each mechanic...simplified for measurable improvements. Even beginners can use this!

  • Watch and Learn

    Visuals and Progressions/Regressions... simplified for easier practice.

The Entire Course can take as little as 15 minutes!

  • 1

    Learn to Train 2.0 Introductory System

    • Welcome!

    • Mechanics Pillars

    • Corkscrew

    • 10+2

    • Anchor

    • Soft Drag

    • Outside Edge Roll

    • Punch Step

    • Stutter Step

    • Shuffle

    • Crossunder

    • Extra - Mechanic Stacks System & Extra Activities

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One-time Payment

Pay once, and you have life-time access!