What Reverse Engineering The Mechanics Reveals About Current Skating Methods

A huge gap between NHL Mechanics and what is typically taught

Have you ever wondered, "Why them, and not me?" Why do they skate so well? Why do they move so well? Why is their hockey sense so natural? Why is their puck control so effortless? Why is their shot so dangerous? The truth is that it is not a lack of effort. It is not a lack of desire. It's not your fault. As a professional hockey player and kinesiologist, I wondered these things too. After years of research, testing, and instruction, we discovered that elite NHL skaters skate completely different from everyone else. And how everyone teaches.

What Are The Three Untaught Mechanics?

Imagine if you applied three simple mechanics to your game that changed everything. It might sound too good to be true. And while they are simple to implement, they are not easy. It is only a challenge to implement these simple mechanics because every other advice you received is backward. Imagine if you got past that - and applied these mechanics for more effortless, powerful, and agile skating.

Is Skating The Lead Domino?

If you change the way you move on the ice, does that change everything else?

Skating impacts your entire game. If you're tense because you're Power Skating - it holds back your stickhandling, shooting, and mobility. If you're relaxed because you're skating downhill, it frees up your brain to make smarter decisions, stickhandle smoothly, and shoot fluidly.

Can you influence scouts, coaches, and teams with smooth skating?

Do coaches have a bias towards smooth skaters? What is that worth to you?

Do you ever notice that the players who always get scouted, recruited, and given top line minutes happen to be the best skaters? Do you think that's a coincidence? Or is that a combination of the Halo Effect and strong Visual Persuasion? Downhill Skating makes an immediate noticeable difference players by removing the chop, and adding smooth, fluid movement.

Development Tracks

A program customized to each player's unique strengths and that maximizes your opportunities for improvement

  • Speed & Acceleration

    For players who are agile, good with the puck, and have good lateral mobility - but who struggle with straight ahead speed and the first few steps. There are 2 simple mechanical fixes that never get solved with Power Skating or off-ice training.

  • Lateral Mobility & Deception

    For players with great straight ahead speed who struggle with lateral movement and deception. These players learn the 5 transition skills that lead to effortless lateral mobility and deception.

  • Transitions & Crossovers

    For players who struggle on crossovers and transitions at speed. We learn to use body mass placement to accelerate and transition - and how to make crossovers effortless and faster.

  • Puck Protection & Tight Spaces

    For players who get knocked off the puck and who struggle in tight situations. We teach players to move with strong edgework and a light touch.

  • Beginners

    Beginners have the advantage of not establishing bad habits. By learning the Downhill Skating System from the beginning, skaters blend their mechanics with physics for naturally effortless improvement.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Welcome To The Downhill Skating System

    • 1.0 Why Downhill Skating Is Your Game Changer

    • 1.1 How To Get Better With Less Effort

    • 1.2 The Math Of The NHL

    • 1.3 How To Use The Downhill Skating System (How To Multiply Your Potential)

    • Complete Your Train 2.0 Tech Stack

    • 1.4 Join The Train 2.0 Private Facebook Group

  • 2

    Module 2: The Art & Science of Game Transferability

    • 2.0 Reverse Engineering NHL Movement Patterns

    • 2.1 Belfry's Secret: Feel Your Body Learning

    • 2.2 Feel Your Body Daily Ritual

    • 2.3 Why Automatic Learning Is The Only Learning

    • 2.4 Learning Quiz

    • 2.5 Feel Your Body Learning Presentation

    • 2.6 The Movement Science Method

    • 2.6a The Movement Science Method PDF

    • Module 2 Summary

  • 3

    Module 3: The Downhill Skating Movement Principles

    • 3.0 Your Body Is Your Brain & The Still Point

    • The Hidden Movement Principles Of Downhill Skating

    • 3.1 Bounce vs Pushing

    • 3.2 Inner Spring & Rotation

    • 3.3 The Magic Of A Mechanical Advantage

    • 3.4 How To Use The Principles

    • 3.5 How To Get Faster Through Relaxation

    • 3.6 Movement Principles Quiz

    • Module 3 Summary

  • 4

    Module 4: Development Tracks

    • The Leveraged Development Plan & 6 Week Year

    • The Infinity Flows

  • 5

    Module 5A: Foundations

    • 5.0A Make Natural Movement A Habit

    • 5.1A How To Use The Foundations

    • 5.2A Jason's Breakdown: Foundation Mechanics

    • Drill 1: The Corkscrew

    • Corkscrew NHL Comparison

    • Drill 2: Inside To Outside Edge Rollover

    • Corkscrew to Outside Edge Rollover NHL Comparison

    • Drill 3: Inside Edge Steps

    • Beginner Summary

  • 6

    Y Angle Supplement - Increasing Your Width And Mechanical Advantage

    • Y Angle Supplement Drill Breakdown

    • Knee Down Y Angle Drill

    • Gaudreau to Corkscrew Infinity

    • Knee Down Infinity

  • 7

    Ankle Freedom Supplement - Versus Mobility

    • 4 Drill for Ankle Freedom

    • Board Holds Ankle Freedom

    • 2 Edge Ankle Freedom

    • 3 Edge Roll Ankle Freedom

    • 3 Edges Ankle Freedom

    • Ankle Freedom Awareness

  • 8

    Module 5B: Quickness, Acceleration, & Speed!

    • 5.0B Turn On Your Natural Tendency For Speed

    • 5.1B Straight Ahead Stride In-Depth Breakdown

    • 5.2B Effortlessness & Bounce

    • 5.3B What The Feel Looks Like

    • 5.4B The Drills To Get The Feel

    • 5.5B What The Feel Feels Like

    • 5.6B Skate Uphill To Skate Downhill

    • Straight Ahead Speed Summary

  • 9

    Stride Supplement

    • The Optional Arc Stride Breakdown & Cues

    • How To Skate Like MacKinnon - Supplement

    • Optional Arc/Ankle Collapse & Fall Drill

    • MacKinnon Knee Forward

    • MacKinnon Full Speed

  • 10

    Module 5C: Lateral Movement & Deception

    • 5.0C How To Relax Into Your Turns

    • 5.1C Inside Edge Lateral Movement

    • Corkscrew NHL Comparison (Again)

    • 5.2C Outside Edge Lateral Movement

    • Slalom NHL Comparison

    • 5.3C Edge Drags To Tighten Movement

    • 5.4C Jason's Breakdown: Lateral Movement Drills

    • 5.5C Lateral Movement Flows

    • 5.6C Jason's Breakdown: Lateral Movement NHL Comparison

    • Lateral Mobility Summary

  • 11

    Module 5D: Tight Spaces & Puck Protection

    • 5.0D Maintaining Your Edge Under Pressure

    • 5.1D Dynamic Outside Edge Pressure - The Key To The Hip Wall

    • 5.2D Jason's Breakdown: Dynamic Outside Edge Pressure

    • 5.3D Dynamic Inside Edge Pressure

    • 5.4D Jason's Breakdown: Dynamic Inside Edge Pressure

    • 5.5D Flows

    • Tight Space & Puck Protection Summary

  • 12

    Module 5E Explosive Transition

    • 5.0E Mastering The Arc

    • 5.1E The Secret Of The Edge

    • 5.2E Jason's Breakdown: The Secret Of The Edge (Your Edge)

    • 5.3E Leaning Without Falling

    • 5.4E The Faster You Get The Faster You Get

    • 5.5E Crossover Edge Positioning

    • Explosive Transitions Summary

  • 13

    Module 5F Backwards

    • Skating Downhill Backwards

    • Backward Corkscrew

    • Backward Soft Drag Corkscrew Zig Zag

    • Backward Shuffle

    • Backwards Slalom

    • Soft Drag Corkscrew Backward Infinity

    • Soft Drag to Shuffle Infinity

    • Crossunder to 10&2 Backward Infinity

  • 14

    Module 6: In-Game Application

    • Flow Supplement Drill Breakdown

    • Corkscrew - Shuffle - Corkscrew

    • Corkscrew - 10&2 - Corkscrew

    • Soft Drag Corkscrew Zig Zag

    • Anchor Corkscrew Zig Zag

    • Knee Down Corkscrew Zig Zag

    • How To Skate Like Barzal In The 0-Zone

    • How To Skate Like Barzal Drill Breakdown

    • Barzal Infinity Flow

    • How To Skate Like McDavid - Drive Wide Guide & Breakaway Patterns

    • Crosby Puck Protection Part 1: Open Ice

    • CPP Infinity - Base + Corkscrew

    • CPP Infinity - Base + Stutter Step

    • CPP Infinity - Double Punch Base Infinity

  • 15

    Module 7: Marsblade Flows

    • 7.0 Step by Step Guide For Using MarsBlades For Downhill Skating

    • 7.1 Are MarsBlades Worth It?

    • 7.0 The MarsBlade Downhill Drills

  • 16

    Module 8: The Magic Mechanics Warm Up

    • 8.0 On-Ice Warm Up

    • 8.0A Magic Mechanics Warm Up

    • 8.1 Off-Ice Magic Mechanics Warm Up

    • 8.2 Off-Ice Magic Mechanics Warm Up - The Routine

  • 17

    Module 9: Mastery (& Bonus Material)

    • 9.0 5 min/day flows

    • 9.1 Movement Science Method

    • 9.1A Movement Science Method

    • 9.2 Creating Your Own Feedback Loop

    • 9.2A Leverage Technology

    • 9.3 Downloadable Video Clips

    • Bonus: How To Coach The Downhill Skating System

    • Bonus: The Coaches Guide To The Downhill Skating System

    • Bonus: Join The Coaches Downhill Skating Group

    • Bonus: Precise Puck Control Preview - The Crosby Crevice

  • 18

    (Beta) Module 5E - Explosive Transitions

    • Death To The Crossover - Birth To Your Explosive Transitions

  • 19

    Q&A Archive

    • Feb 14th Q&A

    • Feb 21 Q&A

    • Mar 7th Q&A

    • Mar 14th Q&A

    • March 28th Q&A

    • April 4th, Q&A

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    • April 11th Q&A

    • April 18th Q&A

    • April 25th, 2019

    • May 2nd Q&A

    • May 7th, Q&A

    • May 9th, Q&A

    • May 28th Q&A

Don't take our word for it

Hear from some of the players who unlocked their skating ability

Revolutionizing my pro game at 30 years old

Shawn O'Donnell, Hartford Wolfpack (AHL)

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Jason for a few months now and the experience has been eye opening. As someone who has always worked with power skating and skills coaches at age 30 he has shown me to a whole other side of the game. He is so far ahead of the hockey curve with his knowledge for biomechanics. His ability to identify how high end hockey players operate and teach their formulas is second to none. Jason is teaching concepts far before his time and is a true innovator in skill development and proper bio mechanics as it relates to the sport.

This is the biggest breakthrough I've experienced since I started playing

Charlie L.

Thanks again for all the work you put into the Downhill Skating System. Train 2.0 magic mechanics and patterns of the pros have helped me to improve my skills over the past year and a half. Downhill skating has improved my game just as much in just the past month and I'm just getting started! This is the biggest breakthrough I've experienced since I started playing. Changing the way I skate has made me faster, more efficient and much more maneuverable with and without the puck. My teammates are noticing the difference. As an added bonus, my confidence has also gotten a big boost.

It allowed you to skate in a totally new way

Michael R.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of how it was organized and explained. On the ice when you applied the system it allowed you to skate in a totally new way. So many coaches focus on the straight ahead stride that the other transition skills are never taught. I really appreciate you making this course because I believe skating is probably one of the most important things in hockey development

Skating is so easy now

by John P.

From my 10 year old... Skating is so easy now. Everyone is working too hard and all I have to do is twist and fall.

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